For the love of Graff
In dedication to Batle a true Legend taken too soon.  This website is dedicated to my son and what he loved, I will keep it updated as progress is made in the pursuit of justice.  Also as I continue in this journey I will be putting together events in Chance's honor and being a centralized place to help others in need.  Updates to follow

History of Batle

  1. Batle2
  2. Batle1
  3. Batle3

Open Exhibitions - Coming SOON! 

  1. Canvas Art
    Display your canvas art (venue will change until building is leased)
  2. Stickers
    Networking on sticker connections
  3. Black Book Sessions
    Coming Soon
  4. Legal Walls
    I will be reaching out to businesses and selling the talent to get your name/talent up on walls, trucks, gates etc.
Meet The Team
  1. Mama Batle
    Mommy to the Legend Beginning stages of this Non Profit in order to help other Graff Artists in their day to day struggles. Support the 'Fallen' and their families through their loss. Obtaining sponsors to help fund the cause (supplies, legal walls, event venues, money etc.)
  2. TBD